Cubism: The Mother of it All

As an art historian and a self-proclaimed lover/groupie/fan to the core of Modern art, I am a bit embarrassed to say that I just realized just how important my least favorite art movement was in the grand History of art. I´m talking about Cubism! Are you rolling your eyes too? For the record, it´s still […]

frida tehuama

Birthday letter to Frida (Kahlo)

Happy birthday to you, my dearest Frida. Today is your 106th birthday and I think we should celebrate it with chimichangas! It´s crazy how much the world that you once knew has changed. But I have some time now so let me catch you up on what has happened in the past 60 years that […]


Praise for Jerry Saltz

I think I fell in love with Jerry exactly one year ago during Art Basel in Switzerland with a picture he posted on Instagram. Love sweet love. The picture was of a beautifully pink and ripe tangerine and the caption read, “Dasha Z. Sent sent this selfie to me just now. I´m a frog prince […]


Part 2: A Little History of the Art Market

After the longest nap in the history of the naps – that had to be taken by force thanks to none other than Christianity – the ‘art market’ woke up with the early Renaissance in the 14th century. Two novelties had taken place: on one hand people had developed a new taste, almost a fetish, […]

ondazione Prada, Venice. Exhibition "Portable Classic" in 2015 during the Venice Biennale

Part 1: A Little History of the Art Market

Have you ever wondered how an art market even came into existence? I’ll tell you. And I will start from the very beginning: from the emergence of the art object to the birth of auctions, patrons, artists, academies and professional art dealers. Sit tight boys and girls, your history lesson is about to start in […]

The Art of the Schmooze

SchŸmooŸzing (verb) –  the act of mingling, socializing, or kissing ass in or at an event that you may feel less than comfortable. It is more art than science but can be learned. The ancient art of the schmooze is one that dates back to… well historically, anywhere with six or more people and alcohol. […]

Marina in my Nose

I held her in my nose. She was there for a couple of seconds smiling (a bit unlike her) and the air around her seemed girly and pinkish… Yes, she was there; she woke me up from the trance and just like that she was gone. But I held her. I held Marina Abramovic in […]

A Healthy Babble

My life is confined to a couch, a computer, a book, my phone, and Apple TV. Oh, and I have coloring pencils and white paper just in case I get desperate. Why? Simply because my knee was crushed, pulverized and manhandled last week. It was felt up on a sunny morning in a surgery room […]

Marina is Marina

Nothing is scarier than a white page; especially this white page as it is an attempt to comment on a subject that I am openly admitting that I know nothing about. However, I feel that my ignorance in the matter is just what is needed. The alarm went off yesterday morning; I opened one eye and […]


A Tale of Three Muses

I have decided that today is good day for the revival of some good ol’ art gossip filled with passion and sex and crazy, overwhelming emotions and heartbreak. We have Ilona Staller, a.k.a. Cicciolina, a.k.a. Jeff Koon’s ex-wife and former porn star, to thank for this. I saw her portrait in the David Bailey exhibition […]