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The Bird in Space –

is where you come to encounter your world with different eyes. 

It’s a series of alternative travel guides for art-minded, design-loving, fashion-oriented, aesthetic, ever-curious nomads. 

It’s the ‘how-to’ gateway to the unregulated art world


A platform to unveil and praise incredible art and travel projects/startups around the world!


Welcome to The Bird in Space, my friends.

My name is Andrea Wild (yes, that’s my last name) and I am a devout art lover, art historian by education, gallerist/dealer/researcher/enthusiast by profession, writer in my free time and a traveler at all times. I’m Colombian by birth and a nomad to the core who is currently based in Mexico City.

The Bird in Space was actually born in 2012 as a means to express endless thoughts and opinions I have about art and its mysterious world; to re-tell my favorite stories and to shout from the mountain tops that art prolongs life. But as travel is deeply embedded in my DNA and it is practically religion in the art industry, The Bird has evolved to provide you with art-oriented travel guides as a means of connecting, embracing and discovering art in its many forms, like a local.

This is where you come to discover the soul of authentic art-focused destinations like a boss: from biennales and art fairs to artisan communities and cities through the eyes of creative mavericks, kinky designers, curious collectors, maddening artists, ambitious architects and anyone with an aesthetic sensitivity. It’s also your how-to gateway to understanding the unregulated art world – just because!

Updated weekly.

Come aboard!

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The Bird in Space Travel Guides to Art Destinations

Travel changes lives & Art prolongs it.

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4 thoughts on “What We’re All About

  1. LOVE it! Comes at a time when I (the boring finance type) was looking for some fresh perspectives / windows and new hobbies and art is definitely something I am ambitious to develop an eye / ear for! Will love reading and following your work here, guapa! Besitos, E.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Esmita! I hope to keep you informed, entertained and inspired – of course 🙂

  2. Hola Andrea, Tengo unas preguntas para ti : Escribes para algún medio de comunicación? Te sigo en Instagram veo unas maravillosas fotos y exposiciones pero no sé si eres fotógrafa en que lugar está la sede? Visitas alguna ciudad Europa con las exposiciones?. Un saludo

    1. Hola Nancy 🙂 A veces escribo para otras publicaciones, revistas, blogs que me piden articulos pero de resto para The Bird in Space. Todas las fotos las tomo con mi iphone y ademas gestiono exposiciones, curaduria, etc. La exposicion que inaugure hace 2 semanas es en la Cuadra de San Cristobal de Barragan en la Ciudad de Mexico. Por ahora esa exposicion no va a viajar y estara abierta hasta el 24 de Marzo!

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