Sad Reflexions on the Business of Art

1.When it comes to contemporary, truly contemporary art – it’s a load of bullshit. How? In every way possible: artists and their creations, dealers’ sale pitches, what people pay for artworks at auction, etc.

2. All museums – private or public – even if it’s MoMa or Tate Modern – they always need money. There’s no such thing as a “rich” museum. Sure, they have very expensive works but theoretically it’s wrong or frowned upon to sell them. At the same time it’s ridiculous because museums don’t physically enough space to permanently exhibit all their artworks so they might as well not have them.

3. There’s nothing sadder than being taught an Art Business course by a professor who has never actually worked in the commercial side of art. Stop sitting on the sidelines and pretending you know it all. You know nothing. And you know who you are.

4. There are no pearls of wisdom as to ‘how’ to sell contemporary art.

5. Art or anything for that matter, is worth what anyone is willing to pay. Think about that next time you see a $150 million+ record set at auction.

6. Art History is incredibly interesting as a major ย but as far as tools for life, you won’t get many.

7. For artists to ‘make it’ in the art world (I’m talking big time) it’s all about 95% luck and 5% divided between talent, self-promotion and connections.

8. It’s a terrible idea, business wise, to open your own art gallery. It’s a vicious, money-sucking circle with a million fixed costs and one revenue stream. Read more about it here.

To be continued…

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