SEVILLA: For Foodies, Lovers & Dancers

What Sevilla lacks in art, it makes up in attitude, sass and flamenco. Olé!

This section will provide you, my friends, with easy and unique, art-oriented guides for the art-minded traveller by local experts who work in creative fields, so that you may embrace and discover art in its many forms like a LOCAL, in 24 hours. We’re not interested in tourist hotspots unless our experts deem them worthy!



Contributed with love and just for you by Angela Vilches: Sevillana to the core turned Chilanga (person from Mexico City) by coincidence. Lead the corporate life for 9 years until she decided that men desperately needed to improve the situation in their pants: in 2016 she launched Mr. U, an ultra-cool, design line of delicious, affordable, men’s underwear.



The best and only way to start the day in Sevilla…

The first thing you need to know about Sevilla is that everything – and I mean everything – is done on foot. It’s an absolute no no if you even think about taking a taxi anywhere.
Now that that’s out of the way – we eat! Having churros for breakfast in Sevilla is a must and it’s the most Spanish thing, so too bad if you don’t have a sweet tooth. My favorite and the most traditional churreria, full of azulejos and locals, is on the corner of Parque de los Principes and it’s open from 7 am onwards. Order like a local – “calentitos” and hot chocolate.

Just the right digestive walk…

My favorite walk actually begins at the churreria – this walk is all about the buildings you’ll pass by. Start on Avenida de la Constitución and Calle Santo Thomas. Walk through the later all the way to Plaza del Triunfo, admire the cathedral and step into Hotel EME. Go up to the rooftop and take in the view! Every time I go there I’m surprised that very few people know about this place.

Seville Travel guide

A little secret tour…

I wouldn’t even mention this if it wasn’t so incredible: you must take a tour through the rooftops of the cathedral! You can book it online via the cathedral webpage and again, no one seems to know it exists.

At last lunch time has arrived…

In Sevilla there’s no such thing as going to just one place for lunch – why go to one when you can go to three? Here, it’s very typical to do a tapas route. My favorite and the most traditional one is: first stop – La Flor de Toranzo – don’t order more than two tapas or else you’ll be too full to finish the route! Abstain and you’ll thank me later. As for drinks, always start with a cañita (beer) Cruz Campo de Barril. 100 meters away is your second stop, La Bodeguita Antonio Romero, where you have to try the “Pringá”. Close by is your last and final stop: La Bodeguita Casa Blanca. Everything on the menu here is mouthwatering but you must try their Aliñáz potatoes… they’re to die for. Don’t have coffee or dessert – yet.

I know, I know, another digestive walk is in order…

And of course I’ve got you covered. Walk down Avenida de la Constitución until La Puerta de Jerez and from there to Paseo de las delicias and Parque de Maria Luisa. Wander around the park, you will love it.

Where to find your late afternoon buzz…

Get your fix of caffeine in Chile, a bar in the pavilion that Chile (the country) built in 1929 for the Latin American exhibition. Then cross the street and choose any terrace on Avenida de la Palmera overlooking the Guadalquivir river for a drink.

If you happen to go to Seville in spring (best time to go)…

Spring is bullfighting season and we just happen to have the most beautiful bullfighting ring in the world, called La Maestranza. As a bullfighter, if you don’t make it to La Maestranza, feel free to consider yourself an utter failure (just saying).

La Maestranza Paza Toros Sevilla Travel Guide The bird in space travel guide
La Maestranza

No excuses, must-do shopping…

There are two stops you have to make in Sevilla because you won’t find this anywhere else. There is no other place in the universe where you are allowed to buy a traje de flamenca or traje de gitana. Any other place is just plain tacky. You must go to the store of Rocio Peralta, she sells ultra cool but traditional dresses and Rocio herself is spectacular – she looks like she stepped out of a Romero de Torres painting.

Rocio Peralta Flamenco Sevilla Travel Guide by the Bird in Space
Rocio Peralta

The second store is called Rocio Porres, it’s a jewelry shop with incredible handcuffs, baroque and golden bracelets, belts, any kind of accessory you can think of to look like a spaniard. The best thing about this store is that it is actually located in her own house, just off an alley that must be half a meter wide!

For dinner…

Just like lunch, in Sevilla you don’t just go to one place for dinner, you do a recorrido. This one is totally different than the one from lunch. You can’t do the lunch route at dinner and viceversa. This one is more modern and trendy and perfect for the night time. Although at night it’s more difficult to carve your little spot by the bar, these are the two spots you need to go to: start at Ovejas Negras (get some wine – the cañita is only an afternoon thing). This tapas bar was the first of its kind in Sevilla because it’s more youthful, cool, relaxed, and “hipster” – without actually being hipster because it’s Sevilla and hipster just don’t exist here.

Your second stop is Zelai. You have to try the tuna tatami with white garlic.

Flamenco nights…

“When in Sevilla…” flamenco is in order – no discussion about it. Cross the river to the neighborhood of Triana and go to Casa Anselma, a local bar where Anselma, a fat gypsy woman will greet you with a foul mood and amazing flamenco. She will take care of you. The best part about flamenco is that these places have a paid cast of performers but the best flamenco nights are created by spontaneous people that go about their lives and they just happen to be fantastic dancers and singers. Their blood starts to boil and they just get up to perform out of love.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to change neighborhoods and you want to stay in the old town (downtown), head over to La Carboneria in La Juderia neighborhood (the old Jewish quarters). It might be the best night of your life or the most normal one… everything depends on this “spontaneous” talent I mentioned before.

La Carboneria Sevilla Travel Guide by the Bird in Space Art destinations
La Carboneria


Always stay in the center in either Amadeus – a beautiful, old, cheap house in Barrio Santa Cruz – or if you want an upgrade, stay at Casa de la Juderia and explore their patios full geranios.

Amadeus The Bird in Space Travel Guide to Sevilla by Locals
Hotel Amadeus

My favorite thing about Sevilla is…

That I always feel like I’m in a 1800s movie set; it is eternally frozen in time.

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