The Mighty Frieze Art Fair is Expanding

New York’s Armory show is trembling with fear… Eight year-old London’s Frieze just announced that they’re expanding to New York in May. The British contemporary art fair will be held from May 3-6 on Randall’s Island and they’re expecting around 170 galleries to participate. Personally I think it’s a delicious decision; yes, I said delicious. Why? Because mix art + New York + a fair +Spring, and you will get oblivious happiness.

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The New York Armory show was originally founded in 1994 by four art dealers.  A few years later (1999), thanks to their innovative style they moved the fair to the the Armory building on 68th street and Park Ave. where the first modern art show of America was held back in 1913. Today this fair is known as the Art Dealer’s Association of America (ADAA). Several years later they decided to expand even further to the piers along the west-side highway so that more galleries could participate. When I say more galleries I mean that 270 galleries from around the world were crammed there last year. The point is that as we all know, bigger is not necessarily better. As it is, the Armory has enough competition with ADAA because the fairs are held during the same dates – precisely two weeks from now. Although ADAA focuses on 20th century modern art and the Armory represents the contemporary branch, with mighty Frieze coming along imagine how many galleries might drop out of the crowded piers to join the British art fair instead. Georgina Adam, the art market editor for the Art Newspaper said, “The fact of it is that the art fair world is highly competitive and it’s actually overcrowded”.

Armory beware.

For us art lovers, it’s one more fabulous reason to go to the city that never sleeps.

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