Munch’s $80 million pastel for sale… anyone?!


I call upon thee to crack your piggy banks and/or head over to the nearest branch of your Swiss banks because it’s GO time. Edvard Munch’s fabulous masterpiece, “The Scream”, will be up for sale on the May 2nd’s Modern and Impressionist art auction at Sotheby’s New York and a it’s expected to fetch around $80 million (US). Dreaming doesn’t cost anything, but owning that amazing pastel and hanging it over your fireplace, does.

This “Scream” is one of four versions that the artist created even though none of them are exactly the same. This one however, is the only one that still remains in its original frame and contains a poem in the back written by Munch about his inspiration for the work. Additionally, this “modern icon of human anxiety” was created in 1895 and it’s the only one left that is currently owned by a private collector, Norwegian businessman Peter Olsen.

“I have lived with this work all my life, and its power and energy have only increased with time,” Olsen said. “Now, however, I feel the moment has come to offer the rest of the world a chance to own and appreciate this remarkable work, which is the only version of ‘The Scream’ not in the collection of a Norwegian museum.”

If you’re in London head over to Sotheby’s on April 13th as it will be on display until the 27th when it will go to New York for its preview.

A work such as this one will never be up for sale again… think about it.

Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. Pastel on board. 1895.

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  1. i definitely think it’s more worth it to pay $80M for munch’s scream than like $40M for certain crappy warhol self-portraits

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