Chinese FM refutes Australia PM’s ‘coercion’ claims
(ECNS) — The Chinese Foreign Ministry has refuted Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s claim that China coerced its students into avoiding Australia over “racist incidents” amid the coronavirus pandemic.It is a responsible government’s due obligation to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of its citizens, including students, said Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Hua Chunying on Thursday, adding that “I wonder why the Australian leader takes this as ‘coercion’.”Hua pointed out that the Chinese embassy and consulates in Australia have received many complaints and requests for help.It is based on a host of facts that the Chinese government warned Chinese tourists and students against relevant risks and advised them to make proper plans for travel and study, the Spokesperson said.She called on Australian authorities to face up to its problems and take concrete measures to protect the safety, rights and interests of Chinese nationals in the country.

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